A Medical Doctor’s Perspective on the Golden Ratio and Your Health

In the year 2001, the seed ideas for The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein and YOU were being formally organized. 2001 was also the year of a monumental global event, in which the world’s population hit six-billion, one-hundred eighty-million, three-hundred thirty-nine thousand, eight-hundred eighty-seven––


This event was probably missed by most of those six billion-plus people—except for those lucky enough to know about the world’s most fascinating number, known as Phi (Φ). The infinite number Phi is most commonly recognized as 1.618 (0339887…), or its twin (phi), 0.618 (0339887…). The ability to recognize Phi (or phi) in its many forms (also known as the Divine Proportion, Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Ratio) is inborn in all of us, as it is the blueprint for the growth and movement of life and matter. However, we can realize many profound benefits through its conscious reactivation.

In my case, the conscious recognition of the Divine Proportion began in the early 1980’s as I was immersed in my medical residency. At that time, I was up to my ears integrating much of the technical scientific information that I had learned in medical school with the clinical practice of medicine. At the same time, I had taken an interest in sacred geometry. It was only a small yet natural jump to begin to see that the same principles of Divine Proportion and Golden Ratio that were present throughout Nature (Phi in nature) and the world’s great architecture and art were easily recognizable in the human body.

The more I looked for evidence of the Divine Proportion in the physical body, the more I was astounded to find it. It was visible not only in the obvious relationships in the bony skeleton, but also in the fetal-shaped curves of the organs, and in the arborization patterns of the blood vessels, bronchi and nerves. The deeper I looked, the more deeply I discovered this incredible and ubiquitous Code to be embedded throughout the structure and function of the body, layer upon layer. Even when I moved from the anatomic level to the physiologic and molecular levels, the fantastic proportionality was still there. From heart rhythms, to blood pressure ratios, to the molecular structure of DNA, the Divine Proportion was abundantly evident. It only followed that the more one could harmonize with this grand principle, the more efficient and effortless life could be.

How could we consciously apply this secret knowledge for the benefit of our health, well-being and longevity?

From this question were born two books, The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein and YOU and The Divine Code Lifestyle Diet.

Since our bodies are designed according to Divine Proportion, it only follows that they should respond to aligning one’s lifestyle more precisely with Divine Proportion. The functioning of the entire body and mind cannot help but be improved. Where could all of this increased efficiency and harmony in the body be leading? Perhaps the awakening and conscious application of the Divine Code is the true Fountain of Youth, waiting to share its bounty.

Robert Friedman, M.D.

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2 Responses to A Medical Doctor’s Perspective on the Golden Ratio and Your Health

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Much appreciated for the information and share!

  2. Casey says:

    Hey, Dr. Bob,
    I have your book on order and am anxious to read it. I appreciate the fact that you have been out there in the forefront of medical thinking, exploring new paradigms for healing and not being afraid to practice what you preach. Looks like a refreshing new look at our lives and how to get the most out of these amazing vehicles we are using to explore this incredible planet… Talk about a last frontier!


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