Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Apple Inc.’s Intriguing Golden Ratio DNA

The iconic products resulting from the collaboration between co-founder Steve Jobs and the Apple Inc. team—including the iMac, iBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad—are credited with the miraculous resurgence of Apple Inc. at the dawn of the 21st century. This occurring just a few short years after many were preparing to write Apple’s final obituary. Steve Jobs is clearly operating at the golden cutting edge of revolutionary design in computer, entertainment, communication and human technology. Anyone working at this level of excellence and innovation is certain to access the Divine Code, whether they’re aware of it or not, for as author Nigel Reading says:

Because the Golden Ratio is the most fundamental expression of self-similarity, it acts as a generative principle for the self-organizing systems that drive the progress of evolution. Reporter Michael Krantz, in his 10.18.99 Time Magazine cover story on Steve Jobs, echoed this evolutionary principle when he wrote:

…Indeed, Jobs, more clearly than any of his contemporaries, recognized the computer as a tool not for top-down corporate repression but for bottom-up individual empowerment and creativity, a lifelong article of faith to which Apple and Pixar today bear living tribute…

5-pointed Golden Star pentagram, as seen in an apple's cross section.

Like fellow Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak and Apple’s master designer Jonathan IveSteve Jobs had at least one definite, albeit whimsical Golden Ratio/Divine Code imprint in his younger years. In his early twenties, Jobs worked on an apple orchard in the Northwest. The indelible imprint of the apple (presumably a Macintosh) became the iconic foundation upon which the future company would grow. As we know, an apple when cut in half and viewed in horizontal cross section reveals a clear 5-pointed Golden Star or pentagram. The pentagram of course is one of the prime universal symbols that carries the essential blueprint of the Divine Code. While such exposure at first glance might seem almost childlike in its simplicity, so to is the elegant philosophy and orientation with which Jobs leads Apple. Jobs is also known to have had a deep interest in the works of Divine Code artist and poet William Blake. According to a 7.21.07 New York Times article, Steve Jobs reportedly had an ‘inexhaustible interest’ in the books of William Blake, the visionary 18th-century mystic poet and [Divine Code] artist.

"Ancient of Days," by visionary 18th century mystic poet and Divine Code artist William Blake, showing God creating the Universe with a pair of Golden Calipers.

The immense success that follows Apple and Jobs flows from his ability to achieve more effortless, elegant simplicity, or as artist/designer/architect  Dr. Koichi Kawana describes it, “the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means.”
This elegant, humanistic efficiency principle is undoubtedly a key reason why enthusiasts worldwide are fanatical about all things Apple. In addition to his role as the man who bought Pixar in the 1980’s and transformed it into the world’s animation powerhouse, Steve Jobs’ profound yet little-known influence is also in the essential DNA of a necessity of modern life: The World Wide Web. British programmer Tim Berners-Lee created the modern World Wide Web on the NeXT workstation and operating system designed by Jobs after he left Apple in 1985. The current Mac OS X is also based on the NeXT OS. Combined with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s utilization of the Divine Code/Fibonacci Sequence in his programming in Apple’s early days, it should come as no surprise that the Divine Code is reflected in the design and function of Apple’s culture-shaping products. Wherever great quality, elegance of form and function, world-leading innovation and success is found, so to will be found the Divine Code.

In near future posts, we’ll explore in more detail how Apple’s “two Steve’s” and master designer Jonathan Ive reflect the genius of the Divine Code in Apple’s products and resulting success.


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