What do the #1 Music Video of all time and the Golden Ratio have in common?

I was up late one night researching and writing. Needing a break and a lift, I switched on Michael Jackson’s masterpiece music video “Thriller.” Amazing how timeless and energizing it is! I especially like the key climax point, when Michael suddenly transforms into the dancing zombie.

Click to see Michael Jackson’s video Thriller

Too cool. Then it occurred to me out of the blue… I wonder exactly where this key point occurs in the video? Could it be anywhere near the Golden Ratio—at either the 38% or 62% point in the overall length of the video? Feeling that sense of growing excitement that always comes when on the hunt for the ubiquitous Golden Ratio fingerprint of genius, I noted the exact total length of the video: 13:41, or 821 seconds. Then I let it roll, noting the iTunes timer. When Michael made his transformation into the zombie the timer read 8:29.

A quick calculation revealed the hidden secret: 13:41 = 821 seconds total length;          8:29 = 509 seconds marked the climax point; 509/821 = .619… 62% of the way through the video. Amazing!

Golden Ratio climax point, precisely 62% of the way through the greatest music video of all time, Michael Jackson's Thriller

Try it yourself on your favorite songs. More often than not, I’m sure you’ll find what I have over and over again: at just around or right on either the 38% or 62% point of the total length of the song, an obvious shift occurs. Whether it’s a musical interlude, tempo shift or the like, the fingerprint of the Golden Ratio shows up far too often to be mere chance.

We’ll be “Thrilled” 🙂  to see your Golden Ratio song examples.


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