GOLDEN RATIO Renaissance TEDxEast Talk by Matthew Cross

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Touch Introduces the Golden Ratio and Affiliated Fibonacci Sequence to a Worldwide Audience

Kiefer Sutherlands new series Touch represents several major milestones. Perhaps the biggest is the fact that this is the first time in modern history that the universal code of creation, life, genius and success—The Golden Ratio and affiliated Fibonacci Sequence—is being shared with the world via a popular program. Touch explores the hidden yet in-plain-sight patterns of the Universe, which connect us all, provides clues to our destiny and revolves around the Golden Ratio. This speaks to us at a visceral level, as the Golden Ratio is hardwired into the very structure and movement of matter and all life—including ours.

Touch Poster

This groundbreaking series gently introduces the basics of the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio to the viewing audience at large.  Mathematical concepts are usually not easily accepted by a dumbed down public, but writer Tim Kring ingeniously wove a heartwarming story of a lovable autistic/mute child into the story. What a great way to use psychological conditioning to associate a usually painful subject (math) with something heartwarming and touching. The end result is that the viewer is left with a fascination for the mystical Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio. Sutherland and cast are advancing the group consciousness to a level where cutting edge books like The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Einstein, Fibonacci and YOU, The Millionaire’s Map and the recently released The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet can be more seamlessly introduced into the public’s awareness.

The other milestone is of course the return of the multi-talented Kiefer Sutherland to television, after many successful seasons on 24. Kiefer had decided to take a break from the television series world and was only drawn back into a series after reading Touch creator’s Tim Kring‘s (HeroesCrossing Jordan) masterful script. Kring does a simply amazing job of weaving multiple story lines into a greater whole, which invariably exceeds the sum of its parts and leaves you in a state of wonder and expectation. David MazouzMbatha-Raw and Danny Glover are also pitch-perfect in their roles and a joy to watch along with Kiefer. They make you care and wonder what’s coming next. The emotional connection between Kiefer (as Martin Bohm) and David (as his autistic/gifted son Jake, who cannot be touched and does not speak) is authentic and especially compelling.
The delightful interconnectivity of the plot and people explored in Touch mirrors the infinite interconnectivity in our own lives. This interconnectivity around a universal principle is also a central theme of The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet as applied to our health and performance. This comes as no surprise, as the Golden Ratio is woven throughout both. This interconnectivity, this common golden thread of human connection and interconnection points the way to our individual and common higher potential. It also somehow cross-reinforces and inspires the best in us.
Touch is inspiring, connecting, magnetic, intriguing, empowering, and—to state the obvious—touching.
Don’t miss it. You can see the original pilot aired in January at this link:
Touch has its worldwide debut tonight on FOX at 9pm EDT.


Matthew and Robert

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Running into Steve Jobs Today: The Power of Carpe Apple

I saw Steve personally this afternoon (Monday, January 31st, 2011) as he was leaving Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. Needless to say, it was an unexpected delight to see the man in real life. There is great hidden power in listening to your intuition; in my case, it led me today to a face-to-face encounter with Steve Jobs. Let me explain.

Recovering this past weekend in San Francisco from an intense week of leading some Hoshin strategic planning sessions for a Fortune 100 client, Diana and I were leaning towards postponing our first Apple headquarters visit to our next trip. Yet this morning as I was doing some research on a book I’m writing about the Beatles and business, I came across a wonderful video about Steve and his love of the Beatles. My intuition awakened and I felt it begin pulling my inner compass to go visit Apple this day, vs. the uncharted future… So, with just 5 hours to go before our flight departed, we made the gut decision to rent a car downtown and go and “Carpe Apple,” enroute to the airport.

On the way, Diana wryly noted on Facebook on her iPhone that maybe she’d see Steve there and tell him with a smile how much she enjoys her Macbook, iPhone and future iPad… I was coming to drop off a get-well gift and token of my esteem for Steve—a signed copy of the book I wrote with my co-author Robert Friedman, M.D., on the Golden Ratio (The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein & You), which features him, fellow Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and master designer Jonathan Ive, and also to visit the Apple Company Store onsite for some cool logo merchandise.

As if on some surreal cue, as soon as Diana and I walked in the front door of 1 Infinite Loop, we saw Steve, less than 10 feet away, walking towards us on the cellphone, enroute to a waiting car outside. We both did a double-take, and then realized it was really him… Whoa… talk about synchronicity! Who in their wildest dreams would expect Steve to be walking right out through the front door of the building at the precise moment we would be walking in? The one thing that really stood out to both of us (besides his trademark Levi’s, black mock turtleneck and sneakers) was the twinkle in Steve’s eyes and his full, genuine smile as he spoke on the phone. In spite of the media’s negative focus on his known health issues, one can only stand back and marvel at his tenacious spirit and absolute passion for his passion. It was most inspiring to see you today in person, Steve. All our best to you and your family and Sanatate (Great Health to You, in Romanian)…

Note to self: good things happen when you pay attention, listen to your intuition and Carpe Apple : )

To Infinity and Beyond,

Matthew Cross

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What do the #1 Music Video of all time and the Golden Ratio have in common?

I was up late one night researching and writing. Needing a break and a lift, I switched on Michael Jackson’s masterpiece music video “Thriller.” Amazing how timeless and energizing it is! I especially like the key climax point, when Michael suddenly transforms into the dancing zombie.

Click to see Michael Jackson’s video Thriller

Too cool. Then it occurred to me out of the blue… I wonder exactly where this key point occurs in the video? Could it be anywhere near the Golden Ratio—at either the 38% or 62% point in the overall length of the video? Feeling that sense of growing excitement that always comes when on the hunt for the ubiquitous Golden Ratio fingerprint of genius, I noted the exact total length of the video: 13:41, or 821 seconds. Then I let it roll, noting the iTunes timer. When Michael made his transformation into the zombie the timer read 8:29.

A quick calculation revealed the hidden secret: 13:41 = 821 seconds total length;          8:29 = 509 seconds marked the climax point; 509/821 = .619… 62% of the way through the video. Amazing!

Golden Ratio climax point, precisely 62% of the way through the greatest music video of all time, Michael Jackson's Thriller

Try it yourself on your favorite songs. More often than not, I’m sure you’ll find what I have over and over again: at just around or right on either the 38% or 62% point of the total length of the song, an obvious shift occurs. Whether it’s a musical interlude, tempo shift or the like, the fingerprint of the Golden Ratio shows up far too often to be mere chance.

We’ll be “Thrilled” 🙂  to see your Golden Ratio song examples.


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A Medical Doctor’s Perspective on the Golden Ratio and Your Health

In the year 2001, the seed ideas for The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein and YOU were being formally organized. 2001 was also the year of a monumental global event, in which the world’s population hit six-billion, one-hundred eighty-million, three-hundred thirty-nine thousand, eight-hundred eighty-seven––


This event was probably missed by most of those six billion-plus people—except for those lucky enough to know about the world’s most fascinating number, known as Phi (Φ). The infinite number Phi is most commonly recognized as 1.618 (0339887…), or its twin (phi), 0.618 (0339887…). The ability to recognize Phi (or phi) in its many forms (also known as the Divine Proportion, Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Ratio) is inborn in all of us, as it is the blueprint for the growth and movement of life and matter. However, we can realize many profound benefits through its conscious reactivation.

In my case, the conscious recognition of the Divine Proportion began in the early 1980’s as I was immersed in my medical residency. At that time, I was up to my ears integrating much of the technical scientific information that I had learned in medical school with the clinical practice of medicine. At the same time, I had taken an interest in sacred geometry. It was only a small yet natural jump to begin to see that the same principles of Divine Proportion and Golden Ratio that were present throughout Nature (Phi in nature) and the world’s great architecture and art were easily recognizable in the human body.

The more I looked for evidence of the Divine Proportion in the physical body, the more I was astounded to find it. It was visible not only in the obvious relationships in the bony skeleton, but also in the fetal-shaped curves of the organs, and in the arborization patterns of the blood vessels, bronchi and nerves. The deeper I looked, the more deeply I discovered this incredible and ubiquitous Code to be embedded throughout the structure and function of the body, layer upon layer. Even when I moved from the anatomic level to the physiologic and molecular levels, the fantastic proportionality was still there. From heart rhythms, to blood pressure ratios, to the molecular structure of DNA, the Divine Proportion was abundantly evident. It only followed that the more one could harmonize with this grand principle, the more efficient and effortless life could be.

How could we consciously apply this secret knowledge for the benefit of our health, well-being and longevity?

From this question were born two books, The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein and YOU and The Divine Code Lifestyle Diet.

Since our bodies are designed according to Divine Proportion, it only follows that they should respond to aligning one’s lifestyle more precisely with Divine Proportion. The functioning of the entire body and mind cannot help but be improved. Where could all of this increased efficiency and harmony in the body be leading? Perhaps the awakening and conscious application of the Divine Code is the true Fountain of Youth, waiting to share its bounty.

Robert Friedman, M.D.

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Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Apple Inc.’s Intriguing Golden Ratio DNA

The iconic products resulting from the collaboration between co-founder Steve Jobs and the Apple Inc. team—including the iMac, iBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad—are credited with the miraculous resurgence of Apple Inc. at the dawn of the 21st century. This occurring just a few short years after many were preparing to write Apple’s final obituary. Steve Jobs is clearly operating at the golden cutting edge of revolutionary design in computer, entertainment, communication and human technology. Anyone working at this level of excellence and innovation is certain to access the Divine Code, whether they’re aware of it or not, for as author Nigel Reading says:

Because the Golden Ratio is the most fundamental expression of self-similarity, it acts as a generative principle for the self-organizing systems that drive the progress of evolution. Reporter Michael Krantz, in his 10.18.99 Time Magazine cover story on Steve Jobs, echoed this evolutionary principle when he wrote:

…Indeed, Jobs, more clearly than any of his contemporaries, recognized the computer as a tool not for top-down corporate repression but for bottom-up individual empowerment and creativity, a lifelong article of faith to which Apple and Pixar today bear living tribute…

5-pointed Golden Star pentagram, as seen in an apple's cross section.

Like fellow Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak and Apple’s master designer Jonathan IveSteve Jobs had at least one definite, albeit whimsical Golden Ratio/Divine Code imprint in his younger years. In his early twenties, Jobs worked on an apple orchard in the Northwest. The indelible imprint of the apple (presumably a Macintosh) became the iconic foundation upon which the future company would grow. As we know, an apple when cut in half and viewed in horizontal cross section reveals a clear 5-pointed Golden Star or pentagram. The pentagram of course is one of the prime universal symbols that carries the essential blueprint of the Divine Code. While such exposure at first glance might seem almost childlike in its simplicity, so to is the elegant philosophy and orientation with which Jobs leads Apple. Jobs is also known to have had a deep interest in the works of Divine Code artist and poet William Blake. According to a 7.21.07 New York Times article, Steve Jobs reportedly had an ‘inexhaustible interest’ in the books of William Blake, the visionary 18th-century mystic poet and [Divine Code] artist.

"Ancient of Days," by visionary 18th century mystic poet and Divine Code artist William Blake, showing God creating the Universe with a pair of Golden Calipers.

The immense success that follows Apple and Jobs flows from his ability to achieve more effortless, elegant simplicity, or as artist/designer/architect  Dr. Koichi Kawana describes it, “the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means.”
This elegant, humanistic efficiency principle is undoubtedly a key reason why enthusiasts worldwide are fanatical about all things Apple. In addition to his role as the man who bought Pixar in the 1980’s and transformed it into the world’s animation powerhouse, Steve Jobs’ profound yet little-known influence is also in the essential DNA of a necessity of modern life: The World Wide Web. British programmer Tim Berners-Lee created the modern World Wide Web on the NeXT workstation and operating system designed by Jobs after he left Apple in 1985. The current Mac OS X is also based on the NeXT OS. Combined with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s utilization of the Divine Code/Fibonacci Sequence in his programming in Apple’s early days, it should come as no surprise that the Divine Code is reflected in the design and function of Apple’s culture-shaping products. Wherever great quality, elegance of form and function, world-leading innovation and success is found, so to will be found the Divine Code.

In near future posts, we’ll explore in more detail how Apple’s “two Steve’s” and master designer Jonathan Ive reflect the genius of the Divine Code in Apple’s products and resulting success.


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Matthew Cross and The Golden Ratio/Divine Code

There is a code that lies both within and without. This secret yet open code points the way to your purpose, your happiness and your greatness… it goes by the name of The Golden Ratio/Divine Code.

Matthew Cross

I was 13 when I first learned of the Golden Ratio, known variously throughout the ages as the Divine Proportion/Ratio and Golden Mean/Section. My co-author Robert Friedman, M.D. and I have added the term Divine Code to this lexicon, our inclusive term integrating the primary facets of this Universal principle for growth, unity, success and enlightenment:

• The Golden Ratio 1:1.618…

The Golden Rectangle;

• The Golden Star;

• The Golden Triangle;

The Golden Spiral;

The infinite Fibonacci Sequence
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610…

These six facets, which we refer to collectively as the Divine Code, guide the micro/macro structure and movement of everything in the Universe. From DNA to the proportions of all living things to Nature’s principle for efficient movement, symmetry and beauty to the macro latticework of the cosmos, we find woven the golden thread of the Divine Code. In short, it is the design and operating code of Nature, humanity and the Universe. This is why all people gravitate towards and are inspired by the Divine Code, whether they are aware of it or not. It is everywhere within and without us. It is said that if God/The Great Spirit/Nature had a design code for all creation, the Divine Code would have to be it. Yet the Code is both inclusive of and transcends all religions and all philosophies. It is the door to the infinite, to our greatest questions: Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I going? What is Life?

The ONE canon of wisdom that has most intrigued me in my life thus far? The Divine Code, hands down. A ubiquitous Code of efficiency and beauty that governs the Universe? Blueprint for the growth of life itself? Embodied in structures from the Great Pyramid to the Parthenon to the Empire State Building? Formula of fascination for history’s greatest geniuses, from Plato to Da Vinci—and a formative inspiration for Einstein? A unity principle for the divine fusion of heaven, earth and man? The Secret Code for Great Success? I felt like I had discovered a veritable Ark of the Covenant with the Holy Grail inside! It was as if knowledge of the Divine Code was somehow an entry code into an ancient mystery school that held the secrets of the Universe and the answers to all questions.

As Robert and I delved deeper, we noticed an intriguing pattern emerge: history’s greatest movers, shakers and influencers all have the Divine Code in common. The list of geniuses is as diverse as it is intriguing—and endless: Plato, Pythagoras, Leonardo Fibonacci, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Kepler, Newton, Blake, Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, Isaac Asimov, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Apple Inc. founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Anastasia Soare, Dr. Mehmet Oz… The implication was staggering: hidden in plain sight is perhaps the greatest Genius Activation Principle available to mankind. Best of all, it was (and is) not necessary to “know it all” about the Divine Code in order to appreciate and apply its power. Exposure to even the smallest part or fractal of the Code seems to start a chain reaction, up an infinite Golden Spiral of wonder, genius activation and growth. In our research, we also found that virtually all writings on the Golden Ratio skipped a vital missing link: how to practically access and apply it in one’s life. Thus began a decade-long journey to create the first book in history for the comprehensive, practical application of the Divine Code, along with the first book utilizing its profound power to enhance health and longevity.

The Divine Code is the ultimate integrative learning principle. It unites every discipline under (and above) the sun: Nature, humanity, science, religion, design, medicine, health, beauty, biology, astronomy, quantum physics, life science, psychology, peak performance, poetry, art, music, architecture, design… the list is as infinite as one’s imagination—and beyond. I’ve found endless inspiration through knowledge and application of the Golden Ratio/Divine Code. My mission and passion is to share the magic of this universal design code for success with you. In my experience, knowledge and application of the Divine Code is a golden key for the restoration of one’s innate genius, compassion and greatness. Shared, it offers a collective roadmap to a new, golden age of wisdom, love and unity. It is in this spirit that Robert and I champion knowledge of the Divine Code and its infinite practical applications. To Infinity and Beyond!

Matthew Cross

Co-author with Robert Friedman, M.D. of The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet, The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein & YOU, The Genius Activation Quotebook and The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence: Golden Keys to Your Genius, Health, Wealth & Excellence (April, 2013); author of The Millionaires MAP, The Hoshin Success Compass.

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