The Golden Ratio Go-To Encyclopedia

It’s Nature’s Universal Design Code. It’s also the Code behind many of the greatest geniuses in history and their works. This Code illuminated Albert Einstein to the mysteries of the Universe at age 12 and so fascinated Leonardo DaVinci that he encoded it within his greatest masterpieces. This ubiquitous Code appears in the design of Apple’s iPhone, the Great Pyramid and in the works of Thomas Jefferson. It inspired the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who embedded it in his timeless structures.

It guides the form and function, the structure and movement, of everything in the universe—and it holds the secrets to great health, wealth, intimacy and success beyond measure.

What is this mysterious Code?
How can you access and apply it to upgrade and transform your life?

The answers lie within this ground-breaking book. Within its pages you will meet a gallery of great geniuses… discover secrets hidden since the dawn of time… and learn how to apply this elegantly simple, yet profound Code to every facet of your life.

Enjoy the journey,
Matthew Cross and Robert Friedman, M.D.
The Authors